Portland Love Show 2018

The 2018 Love Show is FULL for physical art.
But you can still be involved in the show- for more information, please click HERE.

If you want to do a performance or interactive piece, please email us at 2018@portlandloveshow.com.

The Portland Love show seeks to shine some light on the complicated discoball that is love, dark facets and all. With the Hallmark/florist/jewelry/chocolate conspiracy focusing so much attention (and cash) on romance and sex every February, we aim to create a visual dialogue about love in it’s many incarnations and interpretations, be it self-love, sorrow, lust, confusion, hope, bitterness, gentleness, deception, romance, imagination, jealousy, true love, young love, love lost, parental, filial, adversarial love, the surrounding abundance of love or love as the unknown….

We invite all of this year’s artists to make ONE ARTWORK each that looks a little deeper into the mysteries of Love, beautiful and terrible, and explore and expose a little bit more of what love means to them. Work can respond to the theme anyway they choose and in any media; how it fits into the show doesn’t have to be obvious to anyone but them.

We are so excited to include the following artists in this year’s show!

(Coming Soon!)