2018 Sign Up

Show Guidelines:

  • The Love show is limited to 200 people. It is an open-call (ie. non-juried) show open to artists at all levels of experience, from emerging to established professional, regardless of age, gender, race, orientation, religion, body type, politics, etc. If you’ve never shown your art before, you are still welcome to participate! It will fill up quickly, so don’t wait to sign up….
  • One piece per artist only! 2D Work must be no bigger than 2ft x 2ft and preferably smaller. It doesn’t have to be framed, but it must be securely wired to hang. There is a tutorial on the basics of how to wire your work HERE; if you know you will need help figuring out how to hang your work, ask NOW, not when you are bringing it in, and we may be able to assist! NO WET PAINT or SMUDGY CHARCOAL, etc.
  • Work can be in any media! including painting, drawing, print-making, sculpture, writing, projection, interactive work, music, dance, and performance. If you are doing a piece that involves sculpture, performance or technology, please reach out to talk about what you will need to make it happen. We will be scheduling performances and time-based work for the opening on Saturday, February 3rd, and a mid-month event as well.
  • Your work doesn’t have to be for sale, but if is, the gallery takes a commission of 30%. We want to encourage you to make new work for this show, and to take risks. Your piece should respond to love, but how it relates needs to be clear only to you, so make your piece as personal or abstract as you want to.
  • Each artist will be asked to contribute the small sum of $10 to offset the enormous cost of putting on the show.