2018 Love Show Volunteer Signup


Are you interested in being one of our fabulous Love Show Volunteers? It takes a LOT of hands to make this show happen, and we’d Love to have you on our team! It’s a great way to meet new people and to be a part of the show.

Fill out the form below to join our volunteer team! We look forward to hearing from you.

Volunteer Roles:

Here’s a brief list of volunteer roles that we need filled to make the Love show come off real smooth. There is no compensation outside of knowing that you support your community of artists and fans, and that the show literally can’t go on without you. Oh, and all volunteers get a drink ticket, too.

For ALL of these roles, if you can help out for a few hours but not the whole time, please let us know- we can accommodate your schedule and we’d love to have you.

January 24-28:
We need people to help intake art and also to help with build out for the show, which will continue through the following week.

one or two friendly artists who can meet, greet and help intake incoming artwork for this show! It’s a fun way to meet your fellow artists and to get a sneak peak at the work

We will have materials coming in for the new wall at some point and need a few strong men and women to help load in an position the materials, and possibly to help start framing. Experience isn’t necessary, but it is helpful; confidence in your strength and ability to work with direction is tantamount!

CONSTRUCTION- precise timing TBD
A few builders or builder-curious people are needed to help build a new wall! It’s just an 18ft wall, not rocket science, but the extra hands will make it easier and faster and funner!

If you are available, write back with your schedule and we will coordinate with you!

We need two-three artists to generally help out during this time, no skill needed, just a willingness to get your hands dirty.

We need 3-4 artists to help move around work and create a good flow for the show, and then to hang it all. Curating the hang of a group show is incredibly fun, and I will teach you how to accurately place and hang work! This is where you get to see the magic happen, really look at the work, and have a say.


Saturday, February 3rd
This list will grow, but here are some needs that we have for sure….

Set up crew:
We need 2-4 people to help put up labels, adjust lights, place signage, run errands, sweep, mop, cook and set up food and the bar for the opening. You last-minute set up angels make the show look it’s best! You will be the many hands that make the work light.

Sales People:
6:30-9:30pm, 9:30pm-12am

two shifts of 3-4 sales people who will walk around the space with clipboards and be available to conduct art sales and empower others to buy art, even if they never have before

This is a fun job for someone who like to talk to people about art work and enthused about helping out their fellow artists!

Alcohol monitors:
6:30-9:30pm, 9:30pm-12am
two shifts of 2 alcohol monitors who will pick up any all unattended drinks, keep an eye out for outside alcohol, overly intoxicated people, and that minors aren’t drinking, and periodically check to make sure that no one is drinking outside. If you see a problem, gallery staff will be there to address it.

This is an easy job, and will have you moving through the space, the vital eyes and ears of the show that help ensure that we can have all-ages events!

Bar Tenders:
6:30-8:30, 8:15-10:30, 10:15-12:30
three shifts of 3 OLCC licensed bartenders; your job is work as a team to vigilantly check every persons ID and state of mind before serving them any alcohol, making sure they AREN’T visibly intoxicated and that they ARE 21.

This is a fast paced role that needs good money handling skillz and grace under pressure. The line will occasionally be long, but you will keep your cool and sense of humor, and your charm will win much needed funds to support the gallery in the form of donations!

Clean up crew
At the end of the night, when the music is over, the clean up crew help put it all back away, washing dishes, taking out the trash and recycling and making the floor clean enough to dance on again. The unsung heroes of the Love show and all Launch Pad events… but ask anyone who has helped at the end- that’s when the real party begins and all the deep sighs and stories come out!

We also will need help staffing out the gallery for the weekends of the show duration so the public can see your awesome art! If you are available, there is WIFI and a couch and lots of lovely art to contemplate- sitting the gallery is a good old time!

Thank you for reading, helping out, and for being in this show, many of you last minute. You are the Launch Pad spirit!

Help artists and buyers pick up their work! Dates and times TBD


The right person for this job loves making hole-y things whole again! Dates and times TBD

The 2018 Love Show Team
Sara, Ross, and Ben Pink