Love Show 2008

Yes! That’s right! The Love Show returns…
For better or for worse, as we head into the depths of winter it is time once again to contemplate and reflect upon the most fickle and truly integral of emotions, Love.

In our third annual salon-style open-call group show about love taking place this February we aim to create a visual dialogue about love in it’s many incarnations and interpretations, be it self love, sorrow, lust, confusion, hope, bitterness, gentleness, deception, romance, imagination, jealousy, true love, young love, love lost, parental, filial, adversarial love, the surrounding abundance of love or love as the unknown….

The show coincides with Valentine’s day to offer a psychic counterweight to a visual/advertising world completely consumed with heterosexual coupling, pink hearts, diamonds and chocolate; Now don’t get me wrong, at Launch Pad, we love chocolate and pink hearts and diamonds as much as the next person, but still, that’s not all that there is to love. Besides, it’s a great excuse to get together and share something with each other.

The opening featured

DJ GLOBAL RUCKUS, TRY MY CABBAGE of the PAN ZEN Konspiracy Nettwyrk, LARRY YES as well poetry, dance, hugs, video and other loving acts. Thanks to all who came out to perform, participate, bear witness and volunteer to make it happen. That was amazing!

Big Thanks in no particular order

Jaik Falk, Martha Wallulis, Chris Herring, Colleen Siviter, Clint Kaster and the Smart Tech crew, Anna Todaro, Yi, Virginia Driscoll, David, Catherine Diaz, Michael Hensley, Kathleen Simpson, Quinn Beckett, Nicole Welch, David Stein, Dori Mondon, Trevis Hutsell, Autumn VanEsso, Benno Lyon, Julia Laxer, Ca-leb Lambides and family, Rua Oshanna, Kurt Ruckus, Sara McCormick, John Graeter, Rose and Yosha Kness, Elena Cronin, Brent Wear, Yvonne O’Gara, Tito, Brigitte Frigalle, Brian Overall, Stephanie, Molly Jochem, Michael Fields, Maria Grina, Mehran Heard, Marlena Hatchell, Tony LeTigre, Amy, Jennifer Mercede, Anne, Dengue at Bridgeport, Sara, Jonas Nash, Nikki Kress, Matt McCuen, Sheridan Horning, Andrew Pinkowitz, Leah Goldman, Kenneth Wright, Jennifer Gleach, Mark Woolley, Faith Jennings, Portland Fire Marshals office, OLCC special events office, City of Portland office of Neighborhood Involvement…

Participating Visual Artists

Erik Abel, Michelle Kathleen Anderson, Laceylyn Anderson, Melissa Armstrong, Robert Aughenbaugh, Lauren Bailey, Joel Barber, Quinn Beckett, Chuck E. Bloom, Carly Bodnar, Gretchen Brooks, Donald E. Brown, Leslie Renee Butler, Matthew Carlson, Aaron Francisco Castro, Richard Cawley, chowchessna, Dayna J. Collins, CMC, Kindra Crick, Elena Cronin, Michelle Daly, Jeremy Okai Davis, Destiny Dawson, Shawn Demarest, Tanja Djupedal, Tore Djupedal, Virginia Driscoll, Michael Fields, Gabe Flores, Jennifer Forti, Jadene Mayla, Victoria Frankland, Michelle Freedman, Adrienne Fritze, Angela S. Gay, GiGi, Jennifer Gleach, Marianna Gordon, Chris Haberman, Sarah Jane Hanna, Meg Hanson, Jessica T. Hassler, Marlena Simone Hatchel, Terence Healy, Mehran Heard, Samantha C. Jackson, Christine Jennings, Nayana Jennings, Aunia Kahn, Aidan Koch, Rochelle Koivunen, Nikki Kress, Harry Lambides, Aren G. Lawler, Julia Laxer, Tony LeTigre, Jason Levins, BT Livermore, Treigh Love, Jean Margaret, Anna Magruder, Amy Matteson, Lisa Maurine, Kristen Maus, Matt McCalmont, Emma McCreary, Jennifer Mercede and Betsy Levine, Jonas Nash, Seth Neefus, Joshua Otto, Daniel Papke, Kelly Pergande, Jennifer Pinkham, ben pink, Andrew Pinkowitz, Maryann Puls, Mari Purdie, A.J. Redelsperger, Mario Robert, Kjirstin Rossi, cin shepherd, Richard Schemmerer, Vanya Schroeder, Erika Lee Sears, Mary Sharp, Lynn Bachman Sherman, Beth Ann Short, Charles Siegfried, Sara Suzanne Siestreem, Kathleen Simpson , Tuesday Smillie, Scot Allen Smith, Jerry Hiroshi Soga, Kirk Solberg, David Stein, Erica Steiner, Alix Sun, Miss Mona Superhero, Sara Swink, Travis Throckmorton, Zach Tobias, Anna Todaro, Consu Tolosa, Taryn Tomasello, Jamie Marie Waelchli, Martha Wallulis, Brent Wear, Mary Frances Wegmann, Keegan Wenkman, Alisha Wessler, Jana Woodson, Larry Yes, Cathie Joy Young,