Love Show 2009

on view February 13-March 23, 2009

About the Show

Ah, Optimism.

The Love show started out as a very reasonable humble endeavor with the following clear goals: to do a non-juried show about love, open to everyone be they beginner or professional; to highlight the complex nature of love as a contrast to all the syrupy romantic schlock we are bombarded with leading up to Valentine’s day; to make a fun, low pressure, non-commercially oriented environment to show vulnerable, honest work. It was the 3rd show at Launch Pad and with 77 people, it far exceeded our wildest expectations.

The goals for the show remain unchanged, but now, 3 years later, the scale has shifted up considerably. The Love show has out-grown Launch Pad and so we have partnered with curator Chris Haberman & Portland City Art (the Portland Mural Show, The Big 100, etc) to bring you the 2009 show at Olympic Mills Commerce Center., a much, much larger space!

Some big changes with this years show: No 2ft square size limit! Fund-raising do-gooder-y!! Multiple spaces to hang art!!! More artists!!!! (currently over 250 artists are signed up)

Partial proceeds of the Love show 2009 benefited OREGON FOOD BANK and BUCKMAN ARTS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL

Press Release- Love show ’09


To Our Sponsors:
BEAM Development, Eroi, Smarttech A/V, Hopworks, Phoenix Media, Parr Lumber on MLK, Grand Central Bakery

To Our Supporters & Collaborators:
Chris Haberman, Kat at the OLCC, Dennis at the Office of Neighborhood Involvement, Nicole at Olympic Mills Commerce Center, TAC Team Leader Autumn VanEsso, our volunteer coordinator Leigh Lowry.

To Our Performers and Event Team:
Theo Craig, Ry & Eric from Smart Tech A/V, Papa Coyote, Mega*Church, Ryan Dolliver & DBL DRGNZ, Chervona, Sonja & Skye, Sallie Ford, Justin Power, Nick Caceres, Erika Ryn, Aries Spires, DeadLetter B, PDXIloveyou, Saturday Morning Cartoon Extravaganza, Stumptown Sawyers, Spider and Fly, Gemini Project & DJ TRY MY CABBAGE, DJ Jusayn & DJ Rhoane,

And All of our Amazing Volunteers who made the show possible. Thank You!

Participating Artists:

Lisa Albinger, Michelle Anderson, Serena Appel, Melissa Armstrong, Hunter Armstrong, John Alexander Arnold, Damon Ayers, Natasha Bacca, Dimitrina Bakurdjieva, Natalie Ball, Katherine Ball, E Dan Barker, Matthew Barta, Quinn Beckett, Delphine Bedient, Margarete Beeson, Nicole Bereczki & Clint Kaster, Jason Berlin, Ian Bernard, Andrew Binkley, Julie Blackman, Ric Blair, Mary Blankenburg, Chuck E. Bloom, Carly Bodnar, Jacquelyn Bond, Jessica Bonin, Jacqueline Bos, Sarah Boss, Theresann Bosserman, Cyan Bott, Jess Bronk, Gretchen Brooks, Deana Brown, Chris Brown, Maureen Bullis, Jilawan Bunnimit, Leslie Butler, Fernando Cabrejos, Michelle Caplan, Holly Cappello, Robin Carlisle, Greg Carrigan, Kristin Casaletto, Richard Cawley, Sara Cella, Shelley Chamberlin, Natasia Chan, Eat Cho, Larry Christensen, Sarah Ciampa, Anna Clark, Dante Cohen, Dayna Collins, Dayna Collins, New Colony, Colleen Cormack, Kindra Crick, Elena Cronin, Deborah Crowther, Sarah Cruse, Larry Cwik, Michelle Daly, Charles Daniels, Sue Danielson, Kevin Darras, Kate Davidson, Carli Davidson, Jason Davis, Kimball Davis, Jeremy Davis, Jennifer Dayton, Erika Ryn Dean, Mel Defabrizio, Christopher Delange, Shawn Demarest, DEVO, Michael Dodson, Virginia Driscoll, Kenya Dubois, R. Eddy, Kara Edge, Adam Ellis, Tamara English, Bruce Evans, Grace Fae, Jenn Feeney, Michael Fields, Gabe Flores, Kathy Fors, Mark Fox, Nicole Fox, Vicky Frankland, Matt Franklin, Michelle Freedman, Adrienne Fritze, Talus Fritze-Moor, Dan G, Angela Gay, Micheline Gibbons, Daniel Gill, Joey Gill, Jennifer Gleach, William Goodman, John Graeter, Julie Gragg, Sara Greer, Lana Guerra, Sam Guerrero, Chris Haberman, Crystal Hall, Thomas Hamlin, Meg Hanson, Cherie Hanson, Sabina Haque, Chris Harback, Kate Harback, Carrie Hardison, Heather Hargesheimer, Ariana Harley, Elizabeth Hartung, Dena Hastings, Marlena Hatchel, Keenan Havens, Terence Healy, Andrea Heiemr, Sally Heppner, Sarah Hermanutz, Christopher Himes, Julia Hoisack, Christopher Hoisington, Courtney Holtzclaw, Steve Homoly, Garry Hood, Samae Horner, Nick Howard, Leah Jackson, Sam Jespersen, Aunia Kahn, Jason Kappus, Reva Keller, Juanita Kenworth, Lea Keohane, Yosha Kness, Elsbeth Knott, Rochelle Koivunen, Melissa Kojiima, Denise Krueger, Todji Kurtzman, Katherine Langlands, Tara Lavery, Aren Lawler, Steven Lawrence, M@ Leavitt, Anjali Leboeuf, Jennifer M. Lee, Joy Leising, Samuel Lensen-Callas, Betsy Levine, Horace Long, Alisa Looney, Leigh Lowry, Rich Mackin, Kate Madden, Anna Magruder, Dafna Margalit, Jordi Marin-Gest, Ademar Matinian, Lisa Maurine, Kristen Maus, Jadene Mayla, Shannon Mayorga, Scotty Mazariegos, Sara McCormick, Bethany Mccraw, Josie Mckenzie, Carolina Medina-Dupaix, Jennifer Mercede, Ryn Miller, Todd Molinari, Mo Morales, Kelsey Mosley, Suzanne Moulton, Kevin Murphy, Dulcinea Myers-Newcomb, Kelly Neidig, Bruce New, Christine Nockels-Wyatt, April O’Connor, Joanne Oleksiak, Nicholas Orr, Amber Oxford, Daniel Papke, Greg Pearlman, Pat Pearson-Henry, Kelly Pelka, James Pereira, Kelly Pergande, Ben Pink, Maryann Puls, Liv Rainey-Smith, Michelle Ramin, Tashi Rana, Remedios Rapoport, Briana Ratterman, Lee Ritter, Mario Robert, Alyssa Roehrenbeck, Scott Rohlfs, Brigette Romaker, Adam Ross, Edward Rossel De Jongh, Destree Rudolph, Romaine Rupp, Richard Schemmerer, Matt Schlosky, Sean Scott, Katrina Scotto Di Carlo, Erika Sears, Your Self, Mary Sharp, Marie Shelley, Cin Shepherd, Beth Ann Short, Katie Simpson, Micki Skudlarczyk, Deana Skyles, Scot Smith, Jerry Soga, Kirk Solberg, Adam Stacey, Jason Lee Starin, A. Hunter Sunrise, Quin Sweetman, Mrrranda L. Tarrow, Terri Taylor, Jean Margaret Thomas, Zach Tobias, Anna Todaro, Arthur Tucker, Michelle Tuffias, Robin Urton, Rebecca Van Stralen, Autumn Vanesso, Martha Wallulis, Jamie Watson, Curran Wedner, Erinashleigh Wehmeyer, Julianna Weir, Jason Wells, Alisha Wessler, Caper West, Mark Wickum, Lisa Wilde, Tabitha Williams, Heidi Wirz, Linda Womack, Marissa Woodrow, Jana Woodson, Cathie Joy Young, Mona Zillah, Crystal Zingsheim